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We can teach you how to talk to your dog and understand canine behavior in general, all the while being sensitive to your pet's unique personality! We center our training approach around handling manners. These are casual, command-free responsibilities for your dog that do not require the rigidity of formal commands. The result is legitimate, hands-free, relaxed control over your canine companion while he/she is in the center of activity... please call us anytime for advice and a free evaluation.




Handling manners are the core of your new relationship, the foundation of obedience training. Through these informal exercises, the dog is free to make decisions and the handler supply the consequences to them.

  • Composure and Grooming: close proximity while not bothering anyone in any way
  • Visitor and Animal Control: the dog is not allowed to initiate physical contact or force engagement. The dog must wait for invitation.
  • Food Control: the dog can eat only what the handler offers or what is in his or her food pan.
  • Door Control: the dog cannot cross a newly exposed threshold or your door threshold at home without permission.
  • Walking Exercise: the dog travels left of the handlers centerline on a full, loose leash.



Formal Commands

Formal commands are a specific word given for a specific response. Allow for a generous "one-and-one-thousand" response time after a single command.

  • Heeling (neck-to-leg travel): the dog's collar should be the distance of about an open hand form the seam of your left pant leg.
  • Sit: neatly, attentively on the hocks, in the exact place that you gave the command.
  • Down: in prone position, hocks and elbows on the floor.
  • Stay: the handler is going to move. The dog cannot move or change positions without the handler giving a new command.
  • Come: the dog must immediately make his/her way to the handler's front and sit attentively.

Use physical praise, verbal praise and food (as additional bonus) to reward. Use non-emotional leash and collar corrections without words as a deterrent.

Master the exercises around distractions. First, with collar on and leash in hand. Then with collar on but leash out of hand. Finally, with collar on and leash off... please call us anytime for advice and a free evaluation.















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